Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

How Can I Clean Up My Computer to Make it Run Faster

Computers have become one of the most important parts of our daily lives. However, as time goes by, most users may find that their computers would become slower and slower. In that case, they would like to search methods for improving computer's performance. This article will offer some proven tips to speed up computer and optimize the system performance.. If you want to improve computer performance easily and efficiently, please keep on reading and try one or more of the following methods to make your computer run faster and get back to its peak performance.

1. To improve computer performance, you may consider enabling Windows Add/Remove app to uninstall the large bundle of the programs you have seldom used. Those unwanted programs you have installed on your computer, especially on C:\, would slow down your computer. The programs on C:\ need to consume system resources while they are running for some of the software manufacturers attempt to gain profits through requiring its components to run at system startup. The more programs you are running from C:\, the more system resources the components consume. These components can dramatically reduce the system performance and slowdown PC speed seriously.

There are two common methods to uninstall unwanted programs from your computer.

The first method is to uninstall those programs from All Program List: Start > ALL Programs/Program Files > Scroll to the Program > find out the uninstall utility of the program and then enable it
And the second method is to remove unwanted programs from Windows Add/Remove app: Go to Start –> Settings –> Control Panel –> double-click Add/Remove Programs.

2. To keep your computer away from spyware would also improve computer's performance. Spyware refers to any technology that aids in stealing your private or business information from your computer for commercial purposes through sneaking into your computer and seriously destroying your PC. Especially when it requires huge amount of system resources and network bandwidth to spread itself to remote PCs, it can drastically slowdown system performance or cause the computer to be sluggish. If your computer is experiencing the problems below, you may consider checking whether your computer has been deeply infected by spyware.

You can enable Microsoft Security Essentials on your computer to improve computer performance and wipe out spyware from your computer. Microsoft Security Essentials is a new, free consumer anti-malware solution for your computer. It helps protect against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

3. One more thing you can do to improve your computer's performance is to keep Windows Registry clean and error- free. An over bloated Windows Registry seems to severely reduce system performance and result in lists of further obscure system problems, including Blue Screen of Death errors, driver update failure and high usage of memory. With the aid of a trustworthy registry cleaner, you can get back an error- free Windows registry. A trustworthy registry cleaner combines with a list of professional level utilities used to clean up undesirable registry files and fix registry errors. In addition, a trusted registry cleaner offers you industry leading solutions to tune up overall system performance with the help of delivering multiple advanced techniques to your poorly optimized PC, including cleaning up disk files, tweaking memory usage or even optimize the system.